This is the condenser stand that has become the standard in Florida, with over 60,000 currently installed.
In 1994 the ALUMA STAND earned Dade County Product Code Approval which was considered my most to be the strongest hurricane/building code in the entire United States.

Now, in 2009, the ALUMA STAND has been certified to meet the new Florida statewide building code, ASCE 7-05, and can be used in all areas formally designated as Coastal and Non-Coastal Wind Plain Zones.

The ALUMA STAND is 18 (or 21) inches from the base to the bottom of the rail, allowing you to accommodate different thickness of roofing material, and we can also construct the legs to be of any custom height required for a unique job.

The stand is fully adjustable in 2" increments from 18 inches to 28 inches wide (CTC) to accommodate virtually all condensers or package units. Built entirely out of aluminum, it has an all welded joint construction.

Six standard rail lengths are available. 3', which is designed to hold one unit, 6', which is designed to hold two units, 9', designed to hold three units, and 12', designed to hold 4 units. 15', designed to hold 5 units and 18', designed to hold 6 units. Other rail lengths, from 2' to 27' long are available.

Each stand comes standard with 4 inch square mounting pads, predrilled with 5/16" holes for attachment to any type of roof.

Complete detailed drawings, with raised engineer seal, are available for municipalities which require this document as part of the permit application process.

Leg assemblies and beams are also available as separate items.


We can now add lead flashings to your ALUMA STANDS and you can forget about installing pitch pans around each base plate on the job.

Available in 4 lb. weight configuration, and custom fitted to each ALUMA STAND leg, these lead flashings simplify the installation and therefore lower your labor costs significantly.

We will also gladly install lead boots provided by our customers to any ALUMA STAND for a modest charge.


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